Recovery Fiber Base Molly Lac Clear Pink 10 g

Recovery Fiber Base Molly Lac Clear Pink 10 g

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Niezwykle mocna, a zarazem elastyczna baza hybrydowa, która poradzi sobie nawet z ekstremalnie problematycznymi paznokciami. Dzięki jedwabnym włóknom przyczepność bazy do naturalnego paznokcia jest maksymalna i zapewni trwałość stylizacji bez zapowietrzeń i wyszczerbień.

Hybrid base

Recovery Fiber Base Molly Lac

Clear Pink 10 g

Twardość bazy:*

Extremely strong and at the same time flexible hybrid base, which can cope even with extremely problematic nails. Thanks to silk fibers, the adhesion of the base to the natural nail is maximum and will ensure the durability of styling without air and chnaps.

It can be extended with a nail, superstructure it or used as a base for gel styling. One thing is for sure - thanks to it you will leave perfectly healthy-looking nails without breaking!

The base envelops the natural nail and creates a protective layer that will protect your nails from external factors. However, the dense self-leveling formula provides comfort of work and allows you to accurately build a nail.

Due to its extremely strengthening properties, the base is dedicated to a weakened and destroyed plate requiring extraordinary therapy. In addition, the base does not bake in the lamp, and therefore the comfort of styling increases to the maximum.

Your nails have never been so nourished! The unique composition of the base works perfectly on the natural plate and fills small cavities, providing an excellent basis for an excellent manicure.

Choose from three unique colors:

MILKY WAY - something for lovers of concealing, milky pink colors. Ideal for babyboomer, frencha or SOLO styling as a basis for hybrid styling without the need for another hybrid lacquer.

NATURAL WHITE - white, milky color ideal for all kinds of milk manicure and as a base for extracting depth from neon hybrid colors.

CLEAR PINK - transparent pink, which on the nail resembles a healthy-looking styling clear. If you like working on transparent bases, choose just this shade.

Exceptional support for brittle and brittle nails.

How to use:

  1. Apply a thin layer of base onto a carefully prepared nail plate. Then build the curve and apex with more.
  2. After hardening, you can apply the color immediately or remove the dispersion with a cleaner and smooth out any irregularities with a block.
  3. You can follow further steps as in the case of hybrid styling or paint your nails with traditional varnish.

Curing time: 30-60 sec.


  • Product for professional use only.
  • Keep away from children.
  • May cause an allergic reaction.
  • Please read the instructions for use carefully.
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10 ml/10 g

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