óżnia nas jakość! Molly Lac♥ - Take care of us quality!

With the aim of constantly increasing sense of style, as well as the constantly advancing requirements of customers, we have created hybrid varnishes Molly Lac ♥ With a passion for beauty and attention to every detail we want to show every woman that she can feel special because each of us is beautiful.

The desire to introduce an ideal product in all respects, as well as the implementation of innovations and continuous control of standards guarantees the highest level of product sophistication at a reasonable price. The quality of hybrid varnishes is supervised by a number of specialists as well as ambassadors and professional nail stylists, thanks to which we can check our products in every possible respect and make a number of even the smallest details and changes on an ongoing basis so that our product is always refined to perfection. Only a thorough hearing of many pages guarantees the ideal product.

The constant and continuous development of our brand is a guarantee of understanding as well as satisfying the most sophisticated patterns and requirements for hybrid varnishes. Non-sensitization formula, high pigmentation, dense texture, unique brush, sophisticated colors - all this and much more encased in a stunning 10 ml bottle for your comfort.


We want our products to be met by as many women as possible - we want to realize that self-esteem offers endless opportunities. We believe that by inspiring we are able to change women's attitudes to their own 'Me'. Happiness, after all, is nothing more than self-acceptance and self-realisation, and that's what we're looking for.


We treat our brand in higher categories than just hybrid varnish. We believe that perfectly selected ingredients, innovative formula, perfect consistency, refined shell like a bottle or brush, as well as an impressive color palette can work wonders in this field and guarantee us distinction against the competition. We are sure that this Molly Lac women's confidence. Beautiful nails are, after all, a showcase for each of us- without exceptions.

Discover professional products that will take care of you and your nails in a unique way.