Rest&Relax Molly Lac Relax Relaxing 5g Hybrid Lacquer 96
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Rest&Relax Molly Lac Relax Relaxing 5g Hybrid Lacquer 96

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Exit in front of the row. The warm color of pure green combined with military-style bronze blends perfectly with any skin and yellow colors of hybrid lacquers!

Rest&Relax Relaxing 5g Molly Lac Varnish No. 96

The new intriguing Rest & Relax collection includes 9 calm and sophisticated shades inspired by nature and blissful relaxation.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting colours and calm down with the latest collection.

This collection is new to the MollyLac line in 2019 and consists of beautiful dark turquoise, 4 different shades of green, two delicate shades inspired by the sun, an ambiguous color between green and gray and a unique blue color.

Are you ready for a unique meeting with the Rest & Relax collection? Of course you are! See what a relaxing and calming mollylac journey looks like

The striped, pastel yellow shade is the freshness of the message in styling. Combine and experiment with colors to show what you can afford! Don`t be afraid of challenges and enjoy the moment.

Choose the exceptional quality of hybrid Molly Lac♥

♥ opacity of 1 layer

♥ perfect consistency

♥ excellent pigmentation

♥ durability up to 4 weeks

♥ do not contain formaldehyde and DBP and Toluene

♥ soluble in acetone-based liquids (soak off system)

How to use:

1. Prepare the nail plate (remove the cuticles and fibers e.g. milling machine, matte the plate with a file or polisher of the selected gradation)
2. De-de-stun the plate, apply a thin layer of base dedicated to this collection and harden
3. Apply a layer of the selected color and harden in the LED lamp (The action can be repeated. Ultra-thin layers should be applied due to high pigmentation)
4. In order to shine, cover with topcoat dedicated specifically for this collection - once again harden in the lamp, remember to bake the free edge as well! Shake before use.
Curing time:Led lamp 48W -30sek


  • Produkt tylko do użytku profesjonalnego.
  • Chronić przed dziećmi.
  • Może powodować reakcję alergiczną.
  • Proszę uważnie przeczytać sposób użycia.
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