Ceramic cutter - large barrel f - a0713t - f - delicate
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Ceramic cutter - large barrel f - a0713t - f - delicate

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The highest quality ceramic cutter, dedicated to beginners as well as advanced for fast and safe removal of hybrid and gel pulp, acrylic, embellishments and acrylic. Thanks to its conical shape, it is very safe because it minimizes the risk of skin damage around the nail. This is the most popular shape by our clients.

CERAMIC CUTTER for dry pedicure

It is ideal for kera epidermis. It does not require the use of sailing media and softening fluids. The client's feet are fixed only for hygienic reasons for one minute, which significantly reduces the time of treatment. Thanks to its twists, the cutter eliminates the unpleasant burning sensation and allows you to remove kera epidermis in less time. Cutters can be safely disinfected and sterilized.

Ceramic cutters are made of the highest quality zirconium oxide. They remove the mass gently without causing vibration. They do not transfer heat and do not cause a feeling of heating.

The right size of the cloves pulls gel, acrylic and hybrid varnishes without damaging the nail plate

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