Stencil MollyLac Pablo Rozz Provocator gloss and matt - 9 colors
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Stencil MollyLac Pablo Rozz Provocator gloss and matt - 9 colors

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STENCIL MollyLac Pablo Rozz Provocator

Stencil MollyLac Pablo Rozz Provocator gloss and matt

Provocator by Pablo Rozz is a collection full of expressive colors that reflect the depth of femininity and will suit many occasions and seasons. Deep reds, cheerful summer tones, bling effect and autumn saturated shades make the collection extremely versatile. The colours have been chosen to complement each other perfectly and combine in one styling... so provoke with color!

Creating this range of unique colors together with Pablo Rozz, we were inspired by spain's colours, its art and architecture, and corrida's traditional colours. It is difficult to identify who actually started the habit of public fights between people and bulls. It is known, however, that it is one of the oldest shows in the world, which takes place until today. It is said to have its roots in antiquity and even goes even further... to the Bronze Age.

The 480 Sanfermines is a cheerful shade of energetic orange that is distinguished by its excellent opacity and eye-catching colour. With the shade of Sanfermines, which was inspired by the Spanish holiday of the same name, it is 9th edinit not to accentuate the most beautiful jewelry on the hands, that is, a polished manicure.

Color 481 Torreador is a shade of expressive, feminine pink with a slight breath of phosphorescent neon. Excellent combinations creates with timeless black, it also looks shocking in single-color styling. On the one hand, girly, on the other, through and through feminine will be the perfect "dot over and" for the whole image, paying attention and catching the eye.

482 Matador - Classic nail styling? Of course, red – timeless, sensual and extremely feminine. It's a must have in any nail salon. Shade 482 Matador is a classic red, with warm tones, but not falling into orange – saturated, sensual and emphasizing femininity.

483 Corrida is a deep red with a drop of raspberry juice and a million subtle glittery speck. Fiery, surprising and exceptionally feminine color, which will give your hands an accent of elegance and sensuality at the same time.

484 Toro - Bronze clash with burgundy? So! It is the perfect shade for autumn, which is a mixture of chocolate and cherry filling. Color 484 Toro is an opaque autumn and winter in full pink with their warm and saturated shades.

485 Picador is a violet with mystical, deep saturation that seduces. Enjoy the shade of purple, which will be a strong accent of styling with an unusual breath of night. If you have a soft spot for dark mast colours – Picador will be the perfect choice for you!

486 Marbella is a positive energy enchanted in the mysterious color of sea blue with a drop of turquoise. Amazing and unprecedented, that is, the combination of extravagance with elegance – it is the color of the sky in summer on the azure sea.

487 Pablos is an original, striped blue with a drop of azure sky during a cloudless summer day. It's following the fashion and tempting allusions hidden in a passionate and courageous hue that adds optimism while causing harmony.

488 Encierro is jewelry for your hands. Silvery richness in which you can dress your hands or add only an accent with a shiny note! It's a sophisticated proposition for the brave, who are sure to conquer the world of glamour fashion.

Choose the exceptional quality of MollyLac hybrid lacquers:

  • opacity of 1 layer
  • ideal consistency
  • excellent pigmentation
  • lasts up to 4 weeks
  • acetone-based soluble (soak off system)

How to use:

1. Prepare the nail plate (remove the cuticles and fibers e.g. milling machine, matte the plate with a file or polisher of the selected gradation)

2. De-de-stun the plate, apply a thin layer of base dedicated to this collection and harden

3. Apply a layer of the selected color and harden in the LED lamp (the action can be repeated. Ultra-thin layers should be applied due to high pigmentation)

4. In order to shine, cover with a topcoat dedicated specifically for this collection - once again harden in the lamp, remember to secure the free edge as well! Shake before use.

Curing time: LED and UV/LED lamp 48W – 30 s.

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