5. Mix gold chrysolite

5. Mix gold chrysolite

Add originality and phenomenal brilliance to your nails! Highlight unique patterns by sprinkling only selected styling elements! Have fun with colors and shapes!


Looking for an idea for summer nails?

You have your favorite color, and you can not decide what to decorate nails?

We have something for you! MIX GOLD&SILVER!

Mix of ornaments in a similar color shade in different shapes.

Thanks to them, your outfits will take on a unique LOOKU.

Ornaments, rhinestones, beads, tears, pebbles, broth, so much and more can be found in one straw and everything in your dream color!

Get carried away with your fantasies and create unique outfits in wonderfully summer colors!

Ornaments can be used in many ways depending on our invention.

Choose your summer color, combine shapes and sizes, be original and crazy - our

MIX GOLD&SILVER will help you with this!

* The contents of the ornaments in each straw are selected randomly.

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