Artistic Box MollyLac extension and decoration starter kit with ALLLE XW005 DUAL LED 50W lamp
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Artistic Box MollyLac extension and decoration starter kit with ALLLE XW005 DUAL LED 50W lamp

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The finished starter kit with the most necessary products for hybrids will allow you to create a styling that will make you feel beautiful.

Starter kit with powder gel and 50W lamp for Artistic Box MollyLac decorations

Among women all over the world, there is probably no one who does not care about the attractive and well-groomed appearance of their hands. The way that more and more followers are gaining is to make gel or hybrid nails in the comfort of home. However, it requires the purchase of appropriate products. It's convenient, but choosing the right styling products can be cumbersome.

Our task is to prepare inspiring sets to perform a wonderful manicure in the comfort of home. This is, among other things, the Artistic Box.

A combination of exquisite ornaments and products for sophisticated decorations!

The set includes:

  1. Alle 50 W Lamp
  2. Nail Prep MollyLac 10 ml
  3. MollyLac acid-free primer 10 ml
  4. X Bond Base MollyLac 10 ml
  5. Doctor Top MollyLac 10 ml
  6. Powder gel 50 ml (randomly selected color)
  7. Dual Form DSF Clear 12 pcs.
  8. Slip solution 100 ml
  9. Plaques x 2 pcs (randomly selected patterns)
  10. Glitter (randomly selected color)
  11. Rhinestones 25 pcs (mix of colors and sizes)
  12. Double-sided zirconia brush
  13. Stamping varnish x 1 (color randomly selected)
  14. Stamping hybrid x1 (color chosen randomly)
  15. Tipsy 24 pcs.
  16. MollyLac Silicone Brush
  17. Ombre sponge
  18. MollyLac 5 ml - hybrid x 3 (colors selected randomly)
  19. MollyLac Top Satin 10 ml
  20. MollyLac film gel 10 ml
  21. Transfer film MIX x 3 pcs.
  22. Nail file safe pencil package Molly Lac 180 240 standard
  23. Buffer mini straight soft polisher 180/240 Molly Lac
  24. Spider gel x 2 (randomly selected color)
  25. Pollen mix
  26. MAGIC GEM (color mix) stars
  27. Artistic gel (randomly selected color)
  28. MollyLac Water ink x 2 pcs. (No. 29, No. 4)
  29. Perfumed olive with pipette 10 ml MollyLac Casino Royal
  30. Protector Gum MollyLac 10 ml

Alle 50 W Lamp

The latest generation, professional 50W UV/LED lamp that quickly and evenly hardens all gels, hybrid varnishes and other light curing preparations. The professional lamp will serve not only in the comfort of home, but also ideal for beauty salons. Unlike ordinary lamps, it does not require replacing light bulbs and is much more efficient.

Two colors of LED light emission

- frequencies 365-405nm (24 2W LEDs) for curing gel and hybrid products

- frequency of 630nm (4 0.5W LEDs) for a good treatment of the skin with red light (used to remove discoloration, depigmentation and dark age spots on the skin of the hands or feet)


  • Indicator: white LCD with timer, mode indicator and blue LED backlight
  • Operating mode: 30s / 60 s / 90 s (option to work with sensor and without KEEP ON sensor)
  • Control: tactile
  • Power supply: built-in power supply
  • Motion sensor


  • network cable
  • packaging: colorful elegant cardboard
  • manual in English
  • DETACHABLE LAMP BASE allows you to easily clean its surface after use.
  • Equipped with LOW HEAT EMISSION MODE, it will allow you to handle customers with heat-sensitive hands.
  • SIX OPERATING MODES will allow you to choose the right time to irradiate varnishes/gels, while saving time.
  • The MOTION SENSOR automatically starts the device when you put your hand or foot in it, making working with this device light, easy and fun.
  • The optional option to turn off the motion sensor will allow you to harden the varnishes in people with busy hands.

Nail Prep MollyLac 10 ml

A preparation that strongly degreases the nail plate with a unique formula - Use as a first step in nail styling!

MollyLac acid-free primer 10 ml

Acid-free etching preparation, necessary for the preparation of a natural plate before the use of hybrid varnishes, gels and acryls.
Dedicated to problematic nails.

X Bond Base MollyLac 10 ml

It is an innovative, rare base with an innovative recipe dedicated to very damaged and soft nails.

Thanks to cool cure technology, the base does not cause discomfort and burning sensation during curing in the lamp.

  • Innovative Control Curing formula (no burning sensation when curing in the lamp)
  • Excellent grip
  • Creates a security layer
  • Highly flexible
  • Prevents product lift
  • Self leveling
  • Acid-free
  • 100%-free
  • Bile-resistant
  • Ideal for hybrid lacquer and gels
  • Protection against aeration of styling
  • LED/UV formula
  • Contributes to the regeneration of the nail plate
  • No primer required
  • Ideal for damaged nail plate

Doctor Top MollyLac 10 ml

For durable styling we have introduced to the offer - UNRIVALLED TOP NO WIPE!

You'll love it from the first use! Your customers will go crazy for it!

Innovative Doctor Top, which uses the formula of "smart polymer", which causes the surface of the top to self-regenerate.

Doctor Top creates an abrasion and chipping-resistant, flexible coating that works exemplaryly with MollyLac hybrid lacquers.

Doctor Top Video

The use of new technology has resulted in:

♥ Formula 3Free

♥ Diamond Gloss

♥ Long-lasting gloss

♥ Scratch Resistance

♥ Extended life of hybrid lacquer

♥ Compatible with MollyLac hybrids

♥ Perfect Consistency

♥ easy app

♥ Product without washing

♥ Flexibility

Powder gel 50 ml (randomly selected color)

A revolutionary gel with the consistency of mousse, which every stylist will love.
Designed to strengthen and extend the natural plate of demanding customers

10 reasons why you need to have POWDER GEL:

  • Flexible
  • Strong as acrylic
  • Available in 3 capacities: 50 ml, 30 ml and 15 ml
  • Dense - does not flood the skins
  • Available in 5 colours
  • Does not air
  • Odour-free
  • Single-phase
  • Easy to install and develop
  • Does not yellow

Dual Form DSF Clear 12 pcs.

Forms/templates for gel and acrylic nail styling. Ideal for the latest ACRYL-GEL system

Slip solution 100 ml

A reliable liquid that facilitates the distribution of Powder Gel Allepaznokcie with a pleasant smell.

The preparation is intended for styling nails by acrylyle gel method. The mixture of properly selected monomers gives the mass excellent modelling properties. Dedicated to beginners as well as advanced stylists. The brightening agent prevents yellowing of the mass and guarantees color stability.

Plaques x 2 pcs (selected randomly, illustrative photo)

Glitter (random color, overview photo)

A lovely shimmering glitter for decorating that will add magic to your nails!

Rhinestones 25 pcs (mix of colors and sizes)

Double-sided zirconia brush
Extremely practical, double-sided brush for gel and embellishments.

Stamping varnish x 1 (color chosen randomly, overview photo)

A unique collection of classic nail polishes that do not require curing in the lamp. If you do not like to create intricate patterns, and you are passionate about beautiful stylizations - you will love stamping! Great quality, strong pigmentation, unique colors. Reflect even the smallest details and create small works of art by combining different patterns and colors. Stamping has never been so easy and enjoyable! Strong color opacity and a creamy texture will ensure a comfortable working environment and a dense and medium-dried formula will ensure the speed of your work. They perfectly spread on the plate, without creating streaks and scathings. The unique composition makes the pattern dry quickly when transferred to the nail, so that your pattern will not smudge and move! Fast and eye-catching decorations at your fingertips.

How to use:

  1. Cover the selected pattern on a stamp or plate with stamp varnish
  2. wipe off excess varnish without pressing too hard against the surface
  3. Very efficiently add the best silicone stamp to the plate with a pattern and immediately apply the whole thing on the selected nail
  4. To secure the styling, cover the entire nail with a colorless varnish / top.

Stamping hybrid x1 (color chosen randomly, illustrative photo)

Hybrid varnishes for stamps are dedicated to stylists who need more time to make patterns on nails or perform decorations in different techniques.

Tipsy 24 pcs.

MollyLac Silicone Brush

Silicone brushes are a revolution in styling decoration and the next step in progress in this area. They have many advantages that surpass the standard bristle brushes. They guarantee the absence of air bubbles, falling bristles, as well as extremely easy and fast cleaning without the use of any special liquids (just wipe the brush).

The acrylustel application brush for form is a revolutionary replacement for a traditional brush. Silicone guarantees the perfect distribution of the product on the form, so that the application will become much more pleasant and precise.

Application of pollen with a brush for rubbing them has never been so easy! The perfect pane thanks to the proper rubbing of silicone in the top no wipe will provide not only shine for a long time but also save pollen.

Ombre sponge

It is made of soft, absorbent silicone - suitable for performing ombre manicure. The sponge is soft, flexible and durable.

MollyLac 5 ml - hybrid x 3 (random colors, overview pictures)

With MollyLac, turn every grey day into a colorful moment.

Choose the exceptional quality of hybrid Molly Lac♥

♥ opacity of 1 layer
♥ perfect consistency
♥ excellent pigmentation
♥ durability up to 4 weeks
♥ do not contain formaldehyde and DBP and Toluene
♥ soluble in acetone-based liquids (soak off system)

MollyLac Top Satin 10 ml

Do you want to get a satin nail effect and attract the eyes of others?
An innovative mattifying top that applied an innovative satin effect formula.

♥ Soluble in soak-off liquids.

♥ Does not shine!

♥ No washing required

♥ Enjoy the long-lasting effect of matte nails +14 days!

MollyLac film gel 10 ml

The gel does not dry out spontaneously, and has a medium dense consistency, so you can spend much more time creating intricate ornaments than with traditional film reflecting glue!

Foil Gel is:

  • Perfect grip for precise reflection of the smallest designs
  • Easy to use with a tailored brush to match the texture of the product
  • Performance of the product with the ideal consistency, which we apply in thin layers

How to use:

  1. Gently matte the nail with a block and wash with a sw sw swom soaked in a cleaner;
  2. Apply mollylac base and harden in the lamp.
  3. Apply your favorite color of hybrid varnish and harden in the lamp.
  4. Then on a hardened top without washing, apply a thin brush pattern and harden in the lamp.
  5. Reflect the film on the dispersion layer of the gel.
  6. Apply Doctor Top MollyLac and you're done!

Transfer film MIX x 3 pcs. (colors/patterns selected randomly, overview photo)

It is a way to quickly, easily and glamorous manicure in a unique princie.
The transfer film can be applied to the entire nail or create only a small pattern.

Nail file safe pencil package Molly Lac 180/240 standard

For the sake of your health and safety as a nail stylist, we offer a 180,240 gradation Molly Lac file/polisher, which is designed to shape and length nails and to finish gel and acrylic methods and matt them.

Buffer mini straight soft polisher 180/240 Molly Lac

Top quality professional buffer for matting and leveling natural or extended nails with two gradations in compact size. One of the most important products when styling nails by any method. It increases the adhesion of products to the nail plate and evens out possible irregularities. The polisher is prepared from the highest quality components for exceptional precision and comfort of work.

Be sure to spread the pressure on the polisher evenly over the entire surface of the nail plate!

Spider gel x 2 (color chosen randomly, illustrative photo)

The best product to create an intriguing composition with perfectly simple lines.

Pollen mix

MAGIC GEM (color mix) stars (randomly selected color, overview photo)

Artistic gel (color chosen randomly, overview photo)

  • ideal dense consistency
  • strong color saturation
  • 100 % opacity at one layer
  • easy application and creation of artistic patterns
  • stand-alone product
  • LED/UV light
  • brilliant for creating babyboomer
  • ideal for NAIL ART (convex 3D) decorations
  • there is no dispersion layer - there is no need to apply a top
  • ideal for gel, acrylic and MollyLac hybrid lacquers

MollyLac Water ink x 2 pcs. (random color, overview photo)

With this method, you will make unique and fancy decorations such as balloons, watercolors and blurs.

Why Molly Lac ART Water Ink?

  • quick and easy application
  • incredible performance
  • liquid consistency
  • saturated pigmentation
  • sea of possibilities - combining different colors with each other
  • can be used as backgrounds for other decorations

Perfumed olive with pipette 10 ml MollyLac Casino Royal

Innovative extracts of as many as 7 oils and thanks to a huge dose of vitamin E you will strengthen the nail plate, protect it from split ends and also provide them with protection from the harmful factors of the everyday world. Beautifully nourished and greased cuticles around the nails for longer.

An extremely durable and tempting manicure is everyone's dream. Allow yourself luxury and insidious fragrance!
A complex of olive, castor, makadamia, grape seed, soy, linen and avocado oils is a vitamin bomb for you and your hands!

How to use: Apply after the procedure manicure on the cuticles around the nails, and also whenever you feel like it! It is enough to massage 1 drop - the olive is extremely efficient.

Protector Gum MollyLac 10 ml

The perfect solution against dirt and skin flooding
Do you use stamps? Do you make an ombre sponge?
Now you don't have to worry. Once you're done styling, just download the Protector Gum Molly Lac and enjoy the clean and intact skins around your nails!

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