Rhinestones a la swarovski - ss10 - crystal 50 pcs.
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Rhinestones a la swarovski - ss10 - crystal 50 pcs.

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Rhinestones thanks to the unique xilion grinding technology are very successful. They are unique in their construction and do not lose their color and brilliance in all conditions.

RHINESTONES A'LA SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL SS 10 Very impressive rhinestones used to decorate the nail plate with gel, acrylic, hardener or varnish. It has also been successfully used for styling natural nails. Rhinestones thanks to the original grinding technology shine beautifully and give a stunning effect. They can be glued with glue to tips, blended into UV gel and acrylic, and combined with other ornaments to get original decorations. They are precisely polished and can be applied to nails without having to paint them – they do not hook on clothing. Remember! Do not cover like zirconia - then their brilliance will be greatest!!!

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