White block - 240/240 1 pc

White block - 240/240 1 pc


WHITE BLOCK - 240/240 1 pc.

White polishing block designed for professional use, made of high quality materials with low abrasion.
This is an indispensable element of any styling: gel and acrylic method.
It is used to prepare nails for styling, makes it easier to remove the remnants of varnish from the plate,smoothes any irregularities and matte.

Topping block recommended for:

- matting and alignment of the plate before styling with classic varnish, hybrid varnish and gel and acrylic method

How to use:

1. After removing the earlier styling - use a block to matte the nail plate and compensate for irregularities;
2. After applying the gel mass and giving shape to the nails, use a polishing block to smooth and level the mass.
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