Sugar Effect UV gel 5 ml

Sugar Effect UV gel 5 ml


Sugar Effect UV gel Sugar Effect is a white gel for decorations, which in combination with colored acrylic or fine glitter creates a unique effect. Your styling combined with it will be stunning.

Delight your clients with a dazzling and perfect manicure with snow-white SUGAR EFFECT gel!

Sugar Effect is a top quality building gel and decorating gel that gives you 100% confidence when performing the most fancy manicure!

Ideal for styling:

- babyboomer

- French manicure

- 3D to make the most finesse and expressive shapes

- in combination with colored acrylic, it is an imics sweet, sugary sprinkle

- in combination with glitter imics unique jewelry

- in combination with pollen gives a sea of possibilities

Why do you need to have it?

- pigmented

- 100% opacity at 1 layer

- perfect white

- three-phase gel

How to use:

1. Apply Sugar Effect gel to the developed and protected toe top;

2. Use a thin brush to make perfect decorations;

3. Sprinkle with colored acrylic made with gel decorating

4. Cure in LED lama 30 seconds,3 minutes UV

5. Wash the nail with the remnants of colored powder

6. DONE!!!

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