Cat Eye Timeless Atlantis Molly Lac 5ml 187 Hybrid Lacquer
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Cat Eye Timeless Atlantis Molly Lac 5ml 187 Hybrid Lacquer

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Cat Eye Timeless Atlantis Molly Lac 5ml 187 Hybrid Lacquer

TIMELESS CAT EYE - give feline character to your styling

Create a dazzling sex appeal manicure with timeless cold colors.

Conjure up the mesmerizing effect of the cat's eye on your nails with an extraordinary collection of revolutionary Molly Lac.

A collection of 6 magnetic and shimmering hybrids that combines shades of delicate and cream pink and beige.

TIMELESS CAT EYE effect - dedicated to unique stylizations that will enchant anyone who looks at it!

The stunning effect of the cat's eye can be achieved with one or two magnets, which will create the perfect dispersion of particles of magnetic varnish.

Apply to the selected color of the MollyLac collection and decide for yourself the depth of the effect.

Choose the exceptional quality of hybrid Molly Lac♥

♥ opacity of 1 layer

♥ perfect consistency

♥ excellent pigmentation

♥ durability up to 4 weeks

♥ do not contain formaldehyde and DBP and Toluene

♥ soluble in acetone-based liquids (soak off system)

How to use:

1. Prepare the nail plate (remove the cuticles and fibers e.g. milling machine, matte the plate with a file or polisher of the selected gradation)
2. De-de-stun the plate, apply a thin layer of base dedicated to this collection and harden
3. Apply a layer of selected color Molly Lac (recommended white or nude) and harden in led lamp

4. Before applying cream cat eye mollylac hybrid varnish, shake the bottle well and mix the contents thoroughly;

5. We apply a thin layer of hybrid varnish to the nails and approach the CAT EYE magnet at a distance of about 0.5 cm for 5-10 seconds.

6. We cure styling in led lamp from 30 to 60 seconds

7. Steps 5 and 6 - we repeat.

8. To shine the styling, we apply Doctor Top Molly Lac

9. Done!

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