AlleMolly Molly Lac 5ml Hybrid Lacquer No  000

AlleMolly Molly Lac 5ml Hybrid Lacquer No 000

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Hybrid lacquer Molly Lac I am Molly Lac 5ml No. 00 Specially for you we have chosen the flagship color MollyLac, which is a beautiful amaranth shade that will work in any styling.

AlleMolly Molly Lac 5ml Hybrid Lacquer No. 000

Meet AlleMolly

Feel like a real woman with MollyLac's flagship hybrid lacquer of otherworldly purple color!

Extremely expressive feminine color that will emphasize your style!

Choose the exceptional quality of hybrid Molly Lac♥

♥ opacity of 1 layer

♥ perfect consistency

♥ excellent pigmentation

♥ durability up to 4 weeks

♥ do not contain formaldehyde and DBP and Toluene

♥ soluble in acetone-based liquids (soak off system)

How to use:

1. Prepare the nail plate (remove the cuticles and fibers e.g. milling machine, matte the plate with a file or polisher of the selected gradation)
2. De-de-stun the plate, apply a thin layer of base dedicated to this collection and harden
3. Apply a layer of the selected color and harden in the LED lamp (The action can be repeated. Ultra-thin layers should be applied due to high pigmentation)
4. In order to shine, cover with topcoat specifically dedicated to this collection - once again harden in the lamp, remember to secure the free edge as well! Shake before use.
Curing time:Led lamp 48W -30sek

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